Powder Burn Flash # 385 - Stephen D. Rodgers

The Night He Left
by Stephen D. Rogers

Thunder rumbled in the distance.  A sharp wind from the west stirred the darkness, rattled the dead leaves, and scraped branches against shuttered windows.

The rain arrived, thick, cold drops that fell like stones, soaking the man carrying cardboard boxes from the house, banging against the top of the moving van.  The rain drenched loose items, plastering the hangered clothes slung over the railing.

A bolt of lighting revealed a gaunt face at a second-story window.  A second bolt stowed she'd gone.  A third bolt struck nearby, charged the air, killed the power.

The pounding rain intensified.  The roaring wind ripped a branch from a tree, flung the branch against the van's windshield, creating a pattern of lightning.

Thunder echoed off the house, battered the man struggling to hold together the disintegrating boxes.

The wind yanked the front door from the woman's hand.  The lightning helped her aim.  The thunder covered the sound of her shots.

The storm drain overflowed, forming a raging torrent that carried away the blood.

Being night, there would be no rainbow.

BIO:  Stephen D. Rogers is the co-author of A MISCELLANY OF MURDER and the author of SHOT TO DEATH, THREE-MINUTE MYSTERIES, and more than 700 shorter pieces.  His website, www.StephenDRogers.com, includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information.


The Night He Left

Perfect weather to use as cover to insure his departure would be permanent. Love the pacing and the images. Well done!